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Light vs Dark

Ultramarine. Scale 75 Artist line has two of them, and I never really set myself on the task to find out what their differences are. Today we find out. I hope this will be helpful to you, too.

Ultramarine Dark and Light are the paints under scrutiny today. Both contain the same pigments, PB29 Ultramarine Blue and PV15 Ultramarine Violet. Why the violet in there is any one’s guess. My guess is that it sets the ultramarines aside from the rest of the blues in the range, and ensure that they mix into intense violets and purples.

On the hue side of the colors, I find that the Light one is more violet than the Dark one, which is curious in my opinion. Both are squarely within the violet blue hue range that one would expect, though. The Light one seems a bit more transparent and a little bit brighter in value, as you might expect.

Then I set up a palette with three different yellows to see what the blues reveal in mixes. I assumed they would mix fantastic violets and purples, so I thought to leave that test aside for now. The yellows are Lemon Yellow, Primary Yellow and Intense Yellow all from Scale 75 Artist.

I made three mixes with each yellow, to dig at the range a little bit more. Here are those results.

As you can see, the results are what one would expect from ultramarine. The Light variant seems to make slightly more desaturated mixes, which might please some painters. If you want to paint nature, maybe the Light is for you. For me, personally? I’m very pleased with the mixes that the Dark and Lemon Yellow make. Adding a tiny amount darkened the ultramarine, before turning into lovely transparent blue greens. Just what I wanted for my next project. Also, both the Dark Ultramarine and Lemon Yellow seems like on equal strength levels. Neither overpowering the other, being in the weaker side, which makes mixing them a pleasure.

P.S. I made a decision to switch to english for this blog. For the moment it feels some what forced, and I have no idea if this is helpful to anyone. If you feels strongly wither way, on which language I should continue with this blog, please let me know. Cheers

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